„Through the latest informational ampleness brought from new fields of sciences, by creating a new chapter in psychology - that of sonoluminescence - through new psychometric methods described and applied, through the extremely diverse and recent bibliography, by exposing it in a scientifically dressed language, often strewn with poetical inflexions, Ionel Mohirta′s book meets all the necessary criteria to approach a new paradigm in psychology”

Dumitru Constantin Dulcan, Ph.D

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Meeting with Jampa Lungtog, November 8, 2013

The publishing of the english version of "Psihologia Sonoluminica". Ionel Mohirta Sonoluminescent Psychology October 10, 2013

National Conference of ARPT, Annual Conference of ETPA October 19-20, 2013 Theme: Transcendence and Cosmic Consciousness

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