„Through the latest informational ampleness brought from new fields of sciences, by creating a new chapter in psychology - that of sonoluminescence - through new psychometric methods described and applied, through the extremely diverse and recent bibliography, by exposing it in a scientifically dressed language, often strewn with poetical inflexions, Ionel Mohirta′s book meets all the necessary criteria to approach a new paradigm in psychology”

Dumitru Constantin Dulcan, Ph.D

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1. sonoluminescent psychology. a project of quantum psychology

Sonoluminescent Psychology was born from the desire to create a bridge between classical psychology and transpersonal psychology.

Why Sonoluminescent Psychology? Because it will help us understand more deeply psychic phenomena, because it can answer questions that were unanswered until now using the truths of quantum psychics, quantum information theory and genetics, and most of all because so far there is no definition of physical thought. Maybe it is the only form of psychology, which brings evidence of the existence of the soul and our spirit, a vibrational psychology that can be measured, so undoubtedly belonging to science.

Sonoluminescent Psychology is the area of psychology that investigates mental phenomena in terms of sound and light influences on the human personality. It is both a method of quantum psychodiagnosis and therapy. It is subject to both qualitative and quantitative scientific investigation. Furthermore, it can explain transpersonal experiences.

Any psychological exploration exercises a magical attraction, inviting the researcher to meditate on what is considered still today to be the mystery of mysteries in the world: the human spirit. Being in constant development, the area of psychology, proposes every year new concepts and theories in order to explain what is the psyche and its relations to other parts of our existence. This framework encompasses as well this book, intended to be a new way of seeing the place where information resides and functions, the psyche. The definition of thought through light and sound help us to understand the hidden order of profound reality and is the point where religion and science meet. Probably, for psychologists who are interested in this area, concepts such as biophotons, neutrinic light, ultrasound waves transformed in laser radiation and the eternal rotation are known. What do they have to do with human beings? With a little patience and understanding, maybe it's time to find out. This paper presents how the therapist works with the optimized command of the physical, his working space being the changing of the dynamics of sonoluminescent vibrational patterns in order to achieve lucidity and happiness.

2. the eternal vibration of the soul

The book is a challenge and a pilgrimage towards the great questions asked always and everywhere about the great mysteries of human life and death. In the author's mind and heart there is a burning fire, an eternal fire of the greatest hopes and the most beautiful dream of humanity, the eternal youth and the life without death.

This book gives a brief insight into the processes of life, aiming to explain the light formations that occur in the process of physical death. The “Astral light” is synonymous with lux naturae (the light of the nature), term used mainly by Paracelsus.

The author paints a fascinating kaleidoscope of scientific adventures on the powers of the human unconventional. The book is written with vigor and clarity, challenging us with new spectacular and unique experiments, illustrated with very suggestive drawings, tables and charts. The author brings a warm eulogy to postmodern magical thinking that exists in science and technology. Fifty years ago the current performance of artificial satellites, the remote control, unmanned airplanes, human brain laser surgery, the transpersonal psychological experiments, etc. were regarded as aberrations, as fantasies, SF, or pure magic.

Reading this wonderful book, the reader is left with the conviction that science is a LIVE PERFORMANCE that fascinates us, challenges us and awakens us. This book is a page in the great book of the world, which convinces us of the eternal vibration of the soul!

3. the way of the soul. a journey into the profound reality.

The book entitled “The Way of the Soul” is as expressed in the subtitle, a journey into profound reality, a journey “in the world beyond the world”. It is a very successful and challenging essay mirroring the newest and unique data, selected from the non-classical and unconventional science research frontier looking at profound reality.

The author presents a quantum physics of consciousness, based on the latest research on the connections between the profound reality and soul, towards solitons as signals of coherence in the dynamic soul and reaching a theory of quantum, sonoluminiscent conscious pulsations.

We are invited to a fascinating journey into a mysterious world where the spiritual and material lives intertwine (“unus mundus”) to reveal a universe as a coherent multiverse and source of hope.

It is noteworthy the belief of the author in the immortality of the human soul: in fact the psyche, connected to the body and related compounds is mortal, whilst the uncompounded spirit is immortal. “At that moment, in which we will have the certainty of human existence beyond death, we shall be freed from the fear of death, we shall be free indeed” says the author animated by entitled enthusiasm. Indeed, that person who expects to arrive in Heaven, should make some time to study the journey towards it, to explore “The Way of the Soul”.

The author shows that the mystics of all times have considered light and sound as principles of creation. Modern science tends to validate this spiritual insight through concepts like: quantum bioholography, optical and acoustic holography, sonoluminiscence, fractals, synergists, etc. The spirit knows and feels the work of the eternal divine and reaches infinity in any start. The human spirit has permanent vibrations and resonances that only the heart feels with her hidden language and its mysterious silence beyond words.

Ionel Mohîrţă’s book is the work of a postmodern scientist with an unquenchable longing of spirit and eternity, tirelessly seeking the mysteries of fundamental reality that the quantum world and mental world are two sides opposite to each other but complementary.

This book is for all those who are confounded by the passion of science and perceive human life as an “existence between mystery and towards revelation” (L.Blaga): physicists, philosophers, biologists, physicians, psychologists, theologians, educators. The book is a challenge, an encouragement, an insight and an urge to knock on the doors of the Absolute.

4. the secret of ethernal youth. the balance of the bioelectrical age

In this book Ionel Mohîrţă proposes a global program of self-care for a long and healthy life. It brings to the attention of the reader various methods that have proven efficacy over time balancing the human bioelectric field and cleansings the psycho-emotional field.

It can be inferred from those presented in this book that the process of rejuvenation is possible through changing the energetical and informational lifestyle. It is shown that mental energies directed consciously and unconsciously generated by all of us directly influences the biochemical microproceses of microscopic components of the nucleus and the cytoplasm found in living cells.

Quantum physics and psychology clearly shows that we can choose between illness and healing. For thousands of years, spiritual masters have been telling us how to avoid reality using self-hypnosis, a product of conditioning, which is accustomed to process everything through the reflection in the memory mirror. How the mind reacts to agents of stress determines whether their effect will be negative or not. The mind affects the brain, to which is linked through consciousness. The brain is connected with the immune system through neuropeptides. Thus the mind through the brain can influence the immune system.

The author deals with slowing the aging process and triggering a process of rejuvenation trough techniques of balancing the physical, vital, mental, supramental and ecstatic bodies. This research presented in this book gives us hope that there are methods that can be build as a program that will help us to be healthier and live longer.

book reviews

"The book is a guide that tells us what to do to stay young. How to stop aging. In the personal development program, we say that we reinvent ourselves as an eagle that retires at age 40 and changes its beak, claws and feathers. I wish good luck to this book. "

Professor Mariana Caluschi Ph. D / Petre Andrei, University of Iasi

"I bear a very pleasant task to talk about the book of our friend, Professor Ionel Mohîrţă about rejuvenation, I would rather say to stop time, to remain at an young age if possible. Firstky the author Ionel Mohîrţă is a man extremely diligent, earnest, is a man who does not make much noise, not very vocal, but he is extremely deep. He began with the study of bioelectricity and with psihotanatological studies and behold he reached this topic trough his book, which in my opinion is probably the book that will define him all of his lifetime, ypu know that always those who give the world something. even if they have an aextensive line of work and books, there is something that defines them. So perhaps this book will remain our colleague best book though I am convinced, that he is a young man, and still has a lot of work to do. Just as Eminescu Luceafarul, etc. In his silence Ionel Mohirta, is a very deep, he collects and sows like the sower is who collects a grain of wheat. He plants it and a houndred apear. From what he reads, he shares with us, but in the manner that after harvest we could also plant. I say that a good book is that, that after the first sentence already inspired you to think to a metaphor. So he addresses a highly sensitive area, a mythological domain, who wouldn't want to not grow old? Who would not want to stay forever young? Our colleague's book is very interesting and original. It is interesting eventhough there have been earlyer writtings about preserving youth and original because he combines all on the eastern spiritual traditions that have as a theme maintaining vitality to a young age in a modern time were medicine is trying at this monet trough experience in medicine with abyssal psychology or psychology of the unconscious. As we all imagine the human dream to remain young and immortal is a golden dream, a forever dream, they ancients had it, they had it in the Middle Ages, strove to infinity to obtain gold and to obtain the elixir of eternal youth, obviously have failed than those few and certainly not because they have done something special but because their genes were better andt ative for a longer time. Sure, we see everything in terms of logical reasons formed over a period of thousands of years. Clearly if we observe the biological and psychological condition we should live 120-130 years, maybe more. If we act on our consciousness growth is likely that we will stay here"

Professor Dumitru Constantin Dulcan Ph. D / Maiorescu University, Bucharest

"I have faith that the author of this book, Dr. Ionel Mohîrţă, a great Romanian psychologist with a highly structured system of psychology trough the books t that he wrote and those he is going to write could probably win the Nobel Prize in medicine because there is none in psychology, so I have great confidence in his power to transfer us some of the knowledge that he has accumulated by visiting many sacred places of the planet and interpeting in a strict,original and personal manner what he knows."

Professor Emilian Dobrescu / Romanian Academy

This book is unique in the history of romanian psychology, it has never existed before, never, you can search all you want, it is a heretical book, I like it. What's so heretical? It defies all, because it goes back a few thousand years in history when people were wiser than today, more intelligence, more prepared, namely in Taoist alchemy. I became a fan and a student of alchemy, when I heard that the great Carl Gustav Jung struggled for a long time to decipher alchemy, when I heard that Isaac Newton was secretley alchemist. Ionel Mohîrţă returns to Taoist alchemy. This return of his is extraordinary, almost nobody has done that. Now, Ionel Mohîrţă is not a superhuman, he's a man, but a great man, obviously, he is the most brilliant disciple of mine I've ever had. You know what Ionel Mohîrţă dose? What nobody has done! When I needed a capable director at ARPT, in 2004 he accepted the position. During this time do you know what he did? In a few years Mr. Ionel Mohîrţă amazed me, because he learned a lot of methods and strategies of spiritual development. At this time, he is a genuine Romanian shaman. He started with The Chinese Water Cure from Wushu martial arts. Ionel Mohîrţă, my friend, dose pneuma breathwork like he belongs to the Inka civilization and he has learned techniques from the Brazilian team of Dr.Valdo Vieira. Then from the english Dr. Roger Woolger, he learned the method called deep memory process with wich you can go back to previous lives. He succeeded, and learned, he is passionate about such methods. Also he knows the taoist internal alchemy and pranayama breathwork. He is the only Romanian scholar, patriot, who wrote a book about Romanian longevity. The absolute world champion after the documents are the Chinese withe their small eyes, they are many, it's normal for them to have a longer longevity, but Romania, a more modest country, is second. The most beautiful fairy tale aboutyouth was writen by the romanian writter, Petre Ispirescu. Eternal youth and life without death. It is the most beautiful dream of man. Can you dream of something more than that, to stay forever young? Not only eternal also young! Although there was a conflict between Einstein and Bohr on quantum physics, determinism remained with the first and synchronicity and acausality with the second, nevertheless Einstein praised Bohr (who in my opinion was right), saying that quantum physics is the supreme musicality of thinking. Why did I say that? Because this area of research that Dr. Ionel Mohîrţă opens to us is the supreme musicality in the domain of hope. Is there a bigger hope than this? Stop death and live longer and young? It can not be and i can't imagine that. It is about the great courage of hope. Etenral youth, youth that is eternity. Big or small your bookshelf will certainly enrich with this book, a mystical masterpiece, in the high sense of the word mystic, a science of mystery, psychological and Taoist book, a jewel of wisdom on metaphysical ground of a heretic creator who is tired of conforming. The book is a living reflection of a amplified state of consciousness just as Juan Ruiz Naupari says. It is a book that resonates with the master inside each of us aiding profound transformational processes, transpersonal and alchemical book in wich everyone will find pages that fit him and only him. It is a book that makes the heart vibrate, a book that can become a reference and a guide. The secret of secrets is synergy, the body and spirituality, all our organs, all cells work together and suddenly they smile synergistically inside. Synergy means harmony, rhythm, creativity, union with God and the universe. Reading this book, when Ionel gave it to me, usually when someone gives me a book I put it on the shelf and when I have time I look at it. I never read head to toe, I look at the chapters, I select, because I do not have time. Do you want to know how I read this book? Three times as a novel from beginning to end, it is "used" it has only smears and underlinings on it because I was interested. Do you know why? It's a generous book that really teaches you how to stay young! It gives tables gives diet gives you hours gives scale, I did not believe it, these things were secret if a hundred years ago you have said that you could have been killed. It was the secret of secrets. And now, behold, it was turned on, open this gate to the great secret of eternal youth. "

Professor Ion Manzat Ph.D / Hyperion University, Bucharest

"I am noticing that most of the time every human being is a form of lost because the world is rushing in us with all it has, things of impermanence, but the man is a being who watches, as Cioran would say, and how could we watch if not only through a true return. A return hypothesis is found in this exciting book, especially for us women, signed by Dr. Ionel Mohîrţă our good and true friend, a book that I have read with the utmost joy and pleasure because Ionel Mohîrţă created a beautiful and subtle synthesis between old thinking and the most modern cutting edge science. This book is an existential companion book but it has the great merit of making progress in vanguard science another holistic paradigm that has already became the paradigm future. The defining mark of this book, although it is extremely juicy in information, sometimes exuberant, saves you time reading hundreds of books, well, its central mark is defining a deep applied fiber in two registers: the origin, because Ionel Mohîrţă centers this book to a rich personal experience, not so much by theoretical reading but through his life experience, running daily practices with stoicism, with perseverance, another answer as a big existence, so he dose not speak of the existence of others, this is the center point of the book, so what seemed like a fantasy, here is how eternal youth is absolutely credible because it is based on personal experience. This book is primarily a guide soaked with principles and techniques, strategies that really helps delay and reverse what was until recently the fatal process of aging. Looking at the interdisciplinary character of the book, I can not fit it in a certain area or domain, and here I want to underline that like a worthy seafarer Ionel Mohîrţă who is casually and accurately trying many epistemic drawers, but let me tell you that the red thread that keeps them together is the transpersonal meaning that gives a higher sense to the whole endeavor. When it comes to style, the choice is fluid, colloquial, sometimes seasoned with iridescent metaphors, that increases the chance of being persuasive. This book is a kind of litmus paper for the inner status of the author, like other scholarly works this book proves that Ionel Mohîrţă already knows how to sustainably garden footsteps on the long road from day to the illuminated night. I thank Ionel Mohîrţă for this book and hope, no one knows the end of his journey, but we should remain travelers in light! "

Professor Anca Munteanu Ph.D / West University of Timisoara

"The book is the secret of eternal rejuvenation for us to live the moment and to be very active"

Professor Mihaela Minulescu Ph.D / SNSPA

5. ionel mohirta, introducing psychotanatology, journey of conciousness through death, ed. herald, bucuresti, 2018

Psychotanatology is a branch of transpersonal psychology which reffers to analyzing and interpretation of human living during clinical death.

Observations from different study domains contradict nowdays materialistic assumption that the biological death represents the end of existence and concious activity of any type. Impartially examining, on one side the experiences and observations that contradict the traditional perspective of the conciousness nature, and its relation with the matter, and, on the other side, the experiences and observations linked directly to conciousness survival after death, we would notice that the concious phenomenas which makes us unique, can manifest after death. Everyone that had deep studies of testimonies of the ones that were saved from death, knew for a long time that we are not just a physical body. Experiences at the border between life and death teaches us that we are vigorous individual systems integrated into an universal vigorous complex.

The recorded abilities after running through imminent death experience (IDE) are: decreasing the fear of death, desire of material possesions, interest for the personal status and competitiveness.

They can be used in sociology, education, penitenciary system, business and soldier training.

These studies shows us through an impartial science what happens when we die and it shows the real nature of the link between mind and brain.